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september 24, 2010 § Lämna en kommentar

Synch Tube
Makes it possible for the user to watch YouTube videos in realtime.

Makes it possible to listen to music online. Everything you listen to will be registered and you can watch what your friends have recently listened to.

This site makes it possible to upload a picture, tag a picture or search for a pic. Also supports videos.

FlickR is one of our worlds largest company for digital media. You can upload, share, tag or search for a picture. Have a huge library of pictures.
Came out 2004 but was bought by Yahoo! 2005.

YouTube is right now the biggest video uploading site in the world. Upload your own videos or search on others. YouTube was founded in year 2005. It was sold to Google for $1.65 billion the 9 october 2006. Have since then keept expanding. Made even more famous to host President Obama’ health care debate in 2010

Upload your videos. It works like YouTube but is focused on education.

Upload funny videos and comment others.

A hosting video service which provides good quality videos.



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