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Google buzz
Start conversations about things you find interesting. Share photos and videos with your friends.

One of internets most popular social networking site.You can share text, pictures, and videos with eachother.

A social network where you can blog and upload pictures. It differences from facebook because you don’t need to be ”friends” with a person you want to interact with.

Here you can create an own ”site”. The adress will be
One of the more popular social networking site in North America, now owned by Microsoft.

Art community. Upload your pictures and share them with other creative designers or photographers around the world.

Badoo is like a chat room, dating site and picture site(give grade) at the same time.

Find people you know through school, highschool, work or the military.
Social networking site mainly for searching and contact again with your class-mates

Register and get your own adress ( An easy way of sharing knowledge within a network. The creator can choose if he wants everbody too edit the content or if he has to invite people.

Ning have specialized in making it easy for the users to create an own social network.

Chat with people from around the world. Randomizes who you should chat with.

Chat with other who has a webcam. Randomly chooses a person who is also active.

Language exchange
Find someone who wants to learn out their language, or you can learn others.

Swedish community. Follow your friends on their travel journey. You can see where they are on a world map. Or as a traveler you can share location, blog and pictures with friends.



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