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On this homepage you can upload a PDF and then it creates a link to the PDF who another part can sign. This is an alternative instead of using regular postmail.

Type font
This homepage makes it possible for designers to upload a font. Then link to the font through CSS.

You can share your location through SMS. Receivers of the SMS does get a map to your location.

CV online
Here can you as a job seeker fill in your qualifications. This site will in turn create a PDF file which becomes you online CV. You can then send a link to employers.

Here you can translate from english to swedish and the other way around. Also translate a block of text against decent payment.

LiveJournal can be used in many ways. As a private journal, a blog, a forum or as a social network.

Register a blog fast and easy. Blogger is owned by google and is one of the worlds absolutely most used blogsystem.

Upload your PDF files, word documents or powerpoint slides. You can highlight certain parts of the text and add a comment to it. Makes it easy for other people to find the important part of documents.

Build your telephone applications through webbtechnology. This program is for free and is open sourced. At the time of speaking there are 26 000 developers.

Check if your homepages are online.

Google Docs
Import your existing documents or create new ones. Is used as microsoft office but online.
Storing, Sharing and collaborating documents online with google docs

A service by Apple to sell audio/video materials online which also includes many free and community broadcast channels called podcasts.
You have to install Itunes client on your computer and the connect to Apple Itunes services via Internet

A free peer to peer musicservice where the users can stream live music directly from internet.

A free service which analyzes your PC’s performance against a special product, for example a pc-game. The service evaluates and even recommends what hardware/software that would need
an upgrade if the performance not reach the product demands.

Turn your pictures to a cartoon online.

Play quake3 online in your browser. Play with your friends or chat with others at the same time as you are playing. No purchase is needed, just register and play for free.

Is a online game made by EA sports. It has 3d graphic and is played with help by your browser (IE or firefox). No purchase is needed, just register and play for free.

Upload your Mp3 online and cut and clip.

Livestream is the most powerfull live broadcast platform on the internet.



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